30分プログラム、その779。英語のお勉強になる気がしたので、FML : Your everyday life storiesの最新の投稿を表示するプログラムを書いてみました。


$ perl
Today, I broke my nose opening a jar of jelly. FML
Today, I tried to explain to my boyfriend that waffles and pancakes
are basically the same thing, just different shapes. I'm now
single. FML
Today, I found out that while getting your hair cut, you should say
'yes' or 'no', instead of nodding your head. FML
Today, my future husband said to me "I want to be all over you like
maggots on a dead guy." He was serious. FML
Today, I got into my car, turned it over, and the engine started
banging really bad. Yesterday, I got an oil change at the
Supercenter. They forgot to put the oil back in and now I have a rod
blown down through my oil pan and a dead engine. FML


#! /usr/bin/perl
# -*- mode:perl; coding:utf-8 -*-
use strict;
use warnings;
use Data::Dumper;
use XML::FeedPP;

my $source = '';
my $feed = XML::FeedPP->new( $source );

foreach my $item ( $feed->get_item() ) {
    my $desc = $item ->description();
    $desc =~ s!<img.*/>!!g;
    print $desc, "\n";
    print "------------------------------\n";